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Wheat Ridge Uber and Lyft Accidents

Wheat Ridge is a growing suburb, just west of Denver, between Arvada to the north and Lakewood to the south. Wheat Ridge still maintains the feel of a smaller community, with about 31,000 residents. There is access to lakes, parks, and bike trails, all while remaining close enough to Denver for commuters. I-70 running through the town gives residents outdoor access to the mountains for hiking and skiing. 

There are some walkable areas and bike paths but public transportation can be limited. Most residents and visitors have to rely on a car. For people who can't drive or don't own a car, rideshare services like Lyft and Uber may be the best option. Using a ride-hailing app can call for a pick-up at your location and take you to your destination, without having to deal with cash because it is all done through the app. However, there are risks associated with rideshare vehicles, especially for people who get into a rideshare accident

Emergency Medical Care in Wheat Ridge

If you need emergency medical care after a car accident, call 9-1-1. Time can be of the essence in a serious car injury accident, including head trauma, neck injuries, or internal injuries. The nearest 24-hour emergency room (ER) in Wheat Ridge is: 

Lutheran Medical Center
8300 W 38th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 425-4500

Other emergency departments in the area may also include: 

If you feel like you might be shaken up but not seriously injured, you may still want to go see a doctor. Some head injuries may not show signs of damage immediately and can get worse over time. If you suffered a blow to the head or loss of consciousness, you should get a doctor's evaluation to make sure the damage is not more serious than you suspect.

Ride-Share Accidents

A rideshare accident can be caused by any reason, including the fault of the Uber or Lyft driver, fault of another driver, or even a vehicle defect or hazardous road conditions. The complications come into play when the injury victims try to recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, or vehicle repairs. Making a claim after an Uber or Lyft accident can be met with the insurance company and rideshare company both trying to deny liability.

One of the reasons for the confusion is that the rideshare companies don't make it clear what happens in the event of an accident. The rideshare companies generally provide the maximum 3rd party liability only when the ride has been accepted, you are picking up the passenger, or the passenger in the car. For example, if the passenger is let off in the middle of the road and hit by a car, Uber or Lyft may claim that the ride was already over and they don't have liability

It can be a nightmare collecting damages from the rideshare companies. However, you may be able to avoid the hassle of dealing with Uber or Lyft if you contact an experienced rideshare accident lawyer after your accident. Your attorney will be able to deal with the insurance companies so you don't have to. 

Reporting a Wheat Ridge Accident to the Police

Any accident that involves injury, damage to a vehicle, or damage to property has to be reported under Colorado law. If you call law enforcement to investigate the scene of an accident, the police may only show up if the accident is serious, including: 

  • Serious injury
  • Fatal accident
  • Disabled vehicle
  • Driver hit-and-run
  • Driver is suspected of being impaired

If the accident occurred in Wheat Ridge, you can contact the Wheat Ridge Police Department. 

City of Wheat Ridge Police Department
7500 W. 29th Ave.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Non-emergency: 303-237-2220
Emergency: 911

If the police do not respond, you can report the accident through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) online

Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents in Wheat Ridge

Rideshare driving may involve some increased risks of an accident. Much of these risks involve the way Uber drivers use the app, have no driving training, and are incentivized. Distracted driving is dangerous and has been compared to the dangers of impaired driving. The problem with rideshare operations is that the drivers have to use the app before, during, and after the fare. Anytime the driver looks at their phone, they are taking their eyes off the road and increasing the risk of an accident. 

There are very limited qualifications to be a Lyft driver or Uber driver. Drivers only need a limited amount of driving experience and don't even have to have driving experience in the state where they operate. Many drivers come from other states to Colorado and do not know the Colorado-specific traffic laws. 

Another problem is the way rideshare drivers are incentivized. Lyft and Uber can provide bonuses to drivers who complete a certain amount of rides within a time period or do back-to-back rides for a certain period of time. This can increase the incentive to speed, ignore traffic signals, or block traffic to make a pick-up or drop-off. 

Injury Lawyer for Wheat Ridge Accidents

If you were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident in Wheat Ridge, Golden, Westminster, or Boulder, contact an experienced Colorado auto accident injury law firm for help. Our Denver-area auto accident attorneys will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Do not accept an insurance settlement offer before understanding your rights and options. Contact us today for a free consultation.