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What Should I Do After a Lyft Accident?

Staying calm after a car accident can be challenging. On top of worrying about the costs of car repair, pain could indicate a serious injury, which could require costly medical care and time away from work. Here are a few things to consider to help you through the process after an accident involving a Lyft driver or vehicle. 

If you have any other questions about what you should do after a Lyft accident in Colorado, the attorneys at will help you deal with Lyft, the insurance company, and fight to get you the maximum compensation after an injury accident in Denver. Contact us today for a free consultation.

After a Lyft Accident in Colorado

  1. Safety first. A car accident can involve serious injuries that may require immediate medical attention. If anyone in the accident is injured, call 9-1-1 for help. Even if no one is injured, make sure you are able to move to a safe location to wait for help. If you are able to safely do so, move out of traffic. 
  2. Notify the police. Accidents involving property damage or injury are generally required to be reported to the police in Colorado. The police will collect information about the accident and submit an accident report. If an officer does not respond to the accident, you can report the accident online. Make sure to request a copy of the accident report after it is filed. 
  3. Document the scene of the accident. With almost everyone having a smartphone, it is easy to document the accident, including any injuries, vehicle damage, property damage, and the surrounding environment. This can include photos and videos. 
  4. Exchange information. The drivers and any other parties involved in the accident should exchange information, including the driver's name, contact information, driver's license information, insurance provider and policy number, vehicle information, and license plate. 
  5. Notify the insurance company. Your insurance company generally requires you to report any accident. Notifying the insurance company also starts the claims process. 
  6. Stay quiet on social media. Many people take to social media to talk about all aspects of their life. This can be a problem after an injury accident. Information on your social media is generally discoverable in a lawsuit. The insurance company can use your posts, messages, pictures, and videos as a basis to deny your claim. 
  7. Call your Denver Lyft accident lawyer. Contact your Denver Lyft accident attorney after an accident. Your lawyer will deal with the other driver's insurance company, Lyft, and file a claim for damages. Your lawyer is on your side, not the insurance company's, and will make sure the insurance company isn't pulling a fast one. 

Next Steps After a Lyft Accident

Contact your Colorado rideshare injury accident attorney to handle your case. The attorneys at have successfully represented drivers, passengerscyclists, and pedestrians after an injury accident involving a Lyft vehicle. Our experienced attorneys understand how the insurance and rideshare companies operate and will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation