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Truck Accident Attorney in Denver

Truck traffic on Colorado roads and highways is a necessary evil, as they transport the goods needed to sustain our economy. Unfortunately, there is a significant risk to every driver when these trucks are involved in automobile accidents. The injuries caused by truck accidents can be incredibly severe, possibly even causing death. When an accident is caused by the negligence of a truck driver, the truck company, or a part manufacturer that caused the accident, you are entitled to bring a personal injury claim to be compensated for your injuries.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in an accident with a truck, the experienced personal injury attorneys at are here to help you. They will put their many years of experience to work to ensure your rights are best protected.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Denver, Colorado

When you or someone you care about are involved in a truck accident in Denver, Colorado or the surrounding areas, you need an experienced legal team to fight for you. Injuries sustained from truck accidents can negatively affect your life in the short-term and the long-term. If you suffered as a result of another person's negligence, you are entitled to financial compensation.

Our team at pride themselves on clear, honest, and open communication with each and every one of their clients. No matter how small or how big your case may be, the team will keep you informed every step of the way throughout the process and they will handle every detail seamlessly to put you on the road to recovery. takes cases on a contingency basis. This means that you pay nothing until your case has reached a favorable resolution. Let us put our years of experience to work for you and your loved ones.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be caused by any number of different things. Whether it is the fault of the driver or some mechanical failure within the truck itself when the accident is another person's fault due to negligence you are entitled to fight for financial compensation. This can protect your well-being, as well as that of your family.

The team at utilizes our many years of experience in investigating and identifying the cause of the accident. We use investigators and experts to not only determine the cause of the accident but prove it to a Colorado jury. This works to prove that you were not at fault, who was, and prove that you are entitled to money damages for your injuries and property damage.

Truck Brake Failure

A great many accidents with trucks and tractor-trailers are due to issues with the vehicle's brakes. When brakes fail, the consequences can be serious, or even fatal. Brake failure can cause the driver to be unable to stop, even if he or she otherwise is a perfectly competent driver.

Truck brake failures can lead to high-speed collisions from behind. These can cause devastating bodily injury, as well as major property damage. Injuries such as whiplash, traumatic brain injury, or broken bones may result. On busy highways, they can cause pile-ups that can ensnare many vehicles and drivers.

When this is the case, a proper and thorough investigation is critical to proving your case in court. Brake failure must be proven by scientific evidence, and typically requires expert testimony. An experienced lawyer is necessary to navigate the complex scientific and legal issues that surround these types of claims. Without an experienced team at your side, it may prove difficult, if not impossible, to prove the case on your own.

Truck brake failure cases involve not only filing a lawsuit against the driver of the truck, but also the trucking company, and possibly the manufacturer of the brakes themselves. Whether the failure is due to improper maintenance, or faulty manufacture of the brakes, identifying and naming the proper parties is a necessary part of the lawsuit.

Impaired Truck Drivers

Trucks are dangerous vehicles, and when the driver of that vehicle is impaired, the danger is great. When drivers are impaired or intoxicated, they are less capable drivers, and much more likely to be involved in a serious accident. The sad result is, all too often, innocent people are hurt or killed.

Truck drivers may be impaired in any number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • consumption of alcohol;
  • use of illegal drugs and narcotics;
  • use of prescription medication;
  • use of stimulants or depressants;
  • use of over-the-counter medication; or
  • medical conditions which impair a driver's ability.

When drivers make choices to be impaired, or even when they do so unintentionally, they may be held responsible for their actions. Trucking companies that employ these drivers may also be responsible through a legal doctrine called respondeat superior. Simply put, an employer of a truck driver employee can be held responsible for the negligence of a driver in most cases.

If you were hurt because of an impaired truck driver, our team at can help.  You should not have to suffer because an impaired driver hurt you or your family.

Distracted Truck Drivers

Distracted driving is one of the most common reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur. This is no less true with motor vehicle accidents involving trucks. Distracted truck drivers are a significant danger on the road, and those distractions may mean life or death for others on the road.

Distracted driving can occur anytime a truck driver takes his or her eyes off of the road, or his or her mind wanders from the responsibilities of driving. Distracted driving can include, but is not limited to:

  • Fiddling with truck radio or audio controls
  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on the telephone while driving
  • Talking with other drivers while on the radio
  • Looking at distractions on the side of the road (other accidents, police lights, pedestrians)
  • Mentally distracted by issues at home or at work

A driver is obligated to put his or her mind on their work. When that person fails to do so, the driver and his or her employer can be held responsible for any harm that occurs as a result.  An expert legal team can prove that distracted driving was the cause of the accident.

Truck Drivers' Fatigue

Fatigued drivers are a danger on Colorado roads. When a truck driver is tired, he or she has slower reaction times, makes less intelligent decisions, and may even fall asleep while at the wheel. When this is the case, it is the other drivers who face the most risk. Considering a truck's massive size, drivers of smaller vehicles are left at the mercy of truck drivers. When those drivers are fatigued, the danger is very real.

Truck drivers may be fatigued for a number of reasons. Their assigned route may be incredibly long, yet they are expected to meet seemingly impossible deadlines. When this is the case, your attorney can present evidence of the expectations of the driver to show how and why the driver was fatigued. This places blame where it appropriately belongs, the driver and the company who set the difficult schedule.

Evidence of truck driver fatigue can be difficult to find without an experienced legal team at your side. Companies and drivers will try to hide the fact that a driver was tired or fell asleep at the wheel. An experienced lawyer can look for and find the signs. With proper investigation and presentation of evidence, you can prove your case and earn the financial compensation you deserve.

Improper Truck Maintenance

Truck companies often fail to properly maintain the working condition of the trucks they use to transport goods and materials. Failure to properly maintain a truck is a negligent action, that, when it causes a motor vehicle accident, can subject that trucking company to civil liability for your injuries.

There are certain standards of care in the industry when it comes to maintaining trucks and their equipment. When a company fails to adhere to these standards, this can be used as evidence in your personal injury trial. Evidence of improper truck maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  • failure to timely change balding tires
  • failure to properly inflate tires
  • failure to change the oil in the engine
  • improper maintenance of truck engine or parts
  • failure to check and maintain the braking system on the truck
  • failure to properly secure truck parts or cargo
  • improper routine maintenance checks
  • failure to follow applicable local, state, and federal trucking maintenance regulations
  • improper notification of trucking maintenance issues by driver or company

Routine maintenance is important for any vehicle, but especially so for large trucks. Simple and otherwise small issues with maintenance can spell disaster when high speeds and congested traffic are also an issue. If you or your family has been impacted by improper truck maintenance in an accident, you know that the real-life repercussions of this negligence have major implications.

Truck Accidents and Employer Liability

When a truck accident occurs, and that accident is the result of the driver's negligence, the employer of the driver can also be held responsible for your injuries in most cases. Whether an employer is responsible for the acts of an employee are controlled by a legal doctrine called respondeat superior. An employer can be held responsible for the negligent acts of its employees so long as the employee is in the course of his or her employment at the time of the accident.

Also called vicarious liability, this legal doctrine very commonly holds employers responsible for the actions of truck driver employees. A truck driver's job is to drive a truck. When the driver is driving the truck and causes an accident, the employer is nearly always responsible. However, trucking companies employ lawyers to attempt to get out of responsibility whenever possible. You need an experienced legal team to protect your rights, and prove that the employer should be held responsible for the actions of the driver.

This is important because the driver him or herself likely does not have the financial resources to compensate you for your injuries, especially if they are serious. The employer, however, likely has insurance and considerably more assets that you can receive your compensation from. Knowing that you can go after an entity with the resources you need is a crucial part of a successful personal injury case.

Federal Truck Regulations on Commercial Trucks

The federal government imposes certain regulations on the commercial trucking industry that must be followed. Failure to do so can result in the company or driver being found negligent. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a federal agency that sets forth rules and regulations that trucking companies must follow, or they face civil penalties.

These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • driver drug and alcohol testing
  • specialized limits on driver blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • driving hours limitations and requirements
  • driver training and certification requirements
  • health and safety regulations
  • cargo securement regulations

Failure to follow the regulations imposed by the agency can result in civil penalties, but can also be the basis for the argument that the company was negligent in the operation of its business. Proof of regulatory violations can provide a basis for proof that the trucking company, or truck driver him or herself, was negligent in causing the accident.

When your injuries stem from the negligent actions of the trucking company or the driver, you are entitled to bring a personal injury lawsuit to recover for your property damage and personal injuries.

Consult an Experienced Denver Trucking Accident Lawyer

The injuries you suffer from an automobile accident involving a truck can change your life forever. The mounting costs of medical bills, time lost off of work, and other major changes to your life can add up quickly. You should not be on the hook for costs that properly belong with the negligent party. You can fight for your rights, and for financial compensation for your injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in any sort of motor vehicle accident in the greater Denver metropolitan area, please do not hesitate to contact today at 303-642-8888 for a free consultation. We are here waiting for you.