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Traffic Violations and Lyft Accidents in Colorado

Many drivers violate traffic laws all the time. Going a few miles an hour over the speed limit or not signaling a lane change are technically traffic violations but often go unnoticed. However, violating even a minor traffic law can make the driver liable for damages if the traffic violation caused an accident

Lyft and other rideshare drivers in Colorado also violate traffic laws, putting drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in danger. When a Lyft driver causes an accident by not following Colorado traffic laws, the driver and the rideshare company should be held responsible for damages. 

If you were involved in an accident with a Lyft driver, talk to a lawyer about your rights. The attorneys at will investigate your case, deal with Lyft and the insurance company, and work to get you the maximum compensation after an injury accident in Denver. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Traffic Violations Causing Car Accidents in Denver

Traffic laws are intended to keep drivers, passengerspedestrians, and cyclists safe on the road. These rules of the road also make driving predictable for other drivers, such as knowing that a turn signal shows others that the driver will be turning or changing lanes. Some of the most common traffic violations that can increase the risk of an accident include: 

  • Speeding,
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians, 
  • Failure to yield right of way, 
  • Passing in a no-passing zone, 
  • Not signaling, 
  • Running a red light,
  • Rolling through a stop sign, or
  • Texting while driving. 

A traffic violation, by itself, may just result in a small fine or points on the driver's record. However, a traffic violation that causes an accident can be used to show that the driver was negligent. The negligent driver may be liable for damages caused by the accident, including property damage, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. 

Lyft Drivers and Traffic Violations in Colorado

Lyft drivers, and other rideshare drivers, may be more likely to violate certain traffic laws in Colorado, increasing the risk of an accident. The most obvious traffic violation that most Lyft drivers regularly violate is driving while distracted. Distracted driving may be an inherent risk of driving for Lyft, which requires drivers to use the Lyft App before, during, and after a fare.

Lyft claims that drivers are supposed to do everything they need on the app when drivers are safely pulled over to the side of the road. However, anyone who has taken a Lyft knows that it is common to see drivers continue to use the rideshare app, map apps, or music apps, while in traffic. 

Under Colorado Revised Statutes § 42-4-239, “A person shall not use a wireless telephone for the purpose of engaging in text messaging or other similar forms of manual data entry or transmission while operating a motor vehicle.”

If a Lyft driver is distracted by their phone, mobile device, or using the Lyft app at the time of the accident, this may show the driver was negligent in causing the accident. 

Accidents Between Lyft Drivers and Other Drivers

Accidents between two vehicles are among the most common types of crashes. When a Lyft driver causes an accident with another vehicle, distracted driving is a common cause. Distracted driving can take the driver's attention off the road for only a few seconds, but long enough to rear-end the driver in front. Other common accidents between Lyft drivers and other drivers include: 

  • Backing into another vehicle, 
  • Making an illegal u-turn and striking a parked car, 
  • Failure to yield at a four-way stop, 
  • Running a red light, 
  • Not maintaining a safe following distance, 
  • Driving too fast for the road conditions, or
  • Not checking the driver's blind spot.

If you are hit by a Lyft driver, you should still consider getting medical attention, even if you feel fine. Many injuries are not immediately obvious and may take hours or even days to develop.

Under Colorado law, drivers are required to report an accident that involves property damage or injury. A driver's insurance policy also generally requires policyholders to immediately report an accident. Drivers may also be asked to fill out Lyft's incident form using the Lyft app. However, before talking to Lyft's insurance company or any other driver's insurance company, consider talking to your lawyer first. 

Accidents Between Lyft Drivers and Pedestrians

In downtown areas of Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or other areas where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, Lyft drivers violating the traffic laws can put pedestrians at risk of serious injury. Even a low-speed accident with a pedestrian can cause serious injuries to the pedestrian. Common injuries in pedestrian accidents include head injury, back injury, neck injury, and broken bones. 

The most common traffic violations that injure pedestrians include not yielding to pedestrians or not watching out for pedestrians. When a driver is in a hurry, they often pull up to make a right turn well into the crosswalk. Drivers making a right turn on a red light or at a stop sign are required to stop before entering the intersection and may pull forward as necessary when the area is clear. 

If a Lyft driver fails to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk or does not stop before entering a crosswalk at a controlled intersection, the Lyft driver may be negligent in causing the accident. An injured pedestrian may be able to seek medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering from the Lyft driver and the insurance company. 

Other Lyft Driver Traffic Violations

Not all traffic violations directly cause accidents. However, there are a lot of traffic violations that Lyft drivers regularly engage in that may make the streets less safe. In some cases, drivers do not even know they are doing anything wrong. 

Some of the most common complaints of Lyft drivers in places like Denver or Boulder are idling for a long time while parked, double parking, and taking up spaces in loading zones or no-parking zones. Taking up no-parking spots may make it more dangerous for other vehicles to have a clear line of sight into cross-traffic or cause pedestrians to walk out into the dangerous street to get picked up or cross the road.

Denver Lyft Driver Accident Lawyers

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