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How to Report an Uber Accident

Reporting an accident involving an Uber driver can be complicated because Uber may want the driver to submit an Uber incident report. Reporting the accident to Uber may help your case get resolved quicker but it may also hurt your claim. Drivers still need to file an accident report with the state and report an accident to their own insurance company. However, drivers may want to talk to their accident injury attorney before dealing with Uber's insurance company. 

The attorneys at have represented victims injured in Uber accidents. We will investigate your claim, deal with Uber and the insurance company, and fight to get you the money to replace your car, pay your medical bills, and cover your lost income after an accident. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Reporting Car Accidents in Colorado

Under Colorado law, drivers are required to report an accident that involves property damage or injury. Most accidents, except the most minor, will result in some property damage and require filling out an accident report. This includes a car accident that hits a stationary object like a STOP sign or a mailbox. 

If the accident results in an injury, disables a vehicle, or blocks traffic, the police will likely be called to the accident. When the police respond to a crash involving an Uber driver, the police will gather information at the scene and file an accident report. Drivers involved in an accident where the police responded can request a copy of the accident report and should get a copy to make sure the information reported is correct. 

If the police did not respond to the accident, the driver should get information from the Uber driver, including the information from the driver's license, insurance company, and contact information. The driver can then file an accident report online

Reporting an Accident to Your Insurance Company

A driver's insurance policy generally requires policyholders to immediately report an accident. Drivers injured in an accident with an Uber driver should contact their insurance company to report the accident. It is important to remember the difference between talking to a driver's own insurance company and the other driver's insurance company. 

Using Uber to Report the Accident

Uber drivers are required to report an accident to the company. Passengers injured while riding in the Uber are also asked to report the incident to Uber. However, Uber also asks any non-passengers involved in an accident to fill out the company's incident form. The Uber driver may also be unfamiliar with how to handle an accident and try and push off as much responsibility to Uber. 

Non-Uber users may be asked to fill out Uber's form using the Uber App or online at The form requests information, including: 

  • Date of the Incident;
  • Time of the Incident;
  • Location;
  • Do you know the rider who requested this trip?
  • Additional details; and
  • Email address used for your Uber account.

Uber will use the information submitted to contact you about the incident. However, before talking to Uber's insurance company or any other driver's insurance company, consider contacting an attorney first. Uber's insurance company representative may sound helpful and considerate but they may be trying to get you to say something that they can use to blame the accident on you!

It is safer and easier for you to refer the insurance company to your lawyer. Your Denver accident attorney can contact Uber and the insurance company to get your claim resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. 

Let Your Denver Accident Attorney Deal With the Insurance Company

The attorneys at have successfully represented their clients involved in accidents with Uber and Lyft in Denver. Contact us today for a free consultation.