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Police Officer Injured in Car Crash After Snowstorm Wreaks Havoc on Colorado Highways

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Apr 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

Colorado is no stranger to snowstorms that shut down roads and result in car crashes, even during spring. This year was no exception, as March brought with it a powerful snowstorm that crippled highways and caused collisions around Denver. In particular, it shut down parts of Interstate 70, Interstate 25, Interstate 76, and Highway 34, thanks to heavy snow and wind gusts up to 60 mph.

During the storm, there were numerous reports of cars colliding with each other or getting stuck on the highway. One car crash involved an Adams County Sheriff's Deputy, who was injured when his car rolled over on Interstate 70.

The severity of his injuries is unknown, but he was awake and talking just prior to being transported to the hospital. There were also several other crashes on this highway and others nearby, showcasing the danger of poor road conditions due to severe weather.

Colorado Accidents Caused by Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions contribute to many car accidents in Colorado each year. In fact, this is sometimes the reason behind single-car accidents, as you don't always need to crash into another car to end up in an accident. Sometimes, all it takes is a road that hasn't been maintained well enough.

In this case, the poor road conditions would have been caused by bad weather. Though the city can't control the weather, it can keep the roads as safe as possible by quickly clearing ice and snow on the ground so cars aren't sliding around or getting stuck.

And if that's not possible—such as in the middle of a storm—cities and other governing agencies are usually expected to shut down highways and streets to keep residents safe. If that doesn't happen soon enough, they could face lawsuits for any car accidents that occur due to bad weather.

Who Could Be Responsible for Poor Road Conditions?

While it's certainly possible to bring a lawsuit against the government agency that is supposed to maintain highways, you need a lawyer's help to do so. This is because lawsuits involving government entities are often even more complex than usual.

First, there's the concept of sovereign immunity, which is meant to protect government agencies from facing legal action after they've caused injuries. However, what many people don't know is that some cases involving poor road conditions don't have to be subject to this rule, which means sovereign immunity doesn't always apply. A Colorado car accident attorney can let you know whether or not this would apply to your case.

You'll also need help pinpointing who could be responsible for the poor conditions of the road. Liable parties could range from city government to builders, contractors, and cleaning companies. There might even be more than one person or company legally responsible for a Denver auto accident caused by poor road conditions.

Your lawyer can help you determine this detail as you get ready to initiate a lawsuit after a car accident. Contact a Denver car accident attorney today to find out your options.

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