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Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa Sues Uber After Accident

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Apr 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

If you weren't sure if you could sue Uber for injuries sustained by a rideshare driver colliding with your car, a high-profile lawsuit is about to answer your question. That's because Pepa from the hip-hop group called Salt-N-Pepa is suing Uber and a few different drivers for a car accident that occurred in 2018. Pepa—whose legal name is Sandra Denton—has said the injuries she suffered in the accident ruined her earnings potential.

The crash she's referencing took place on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles on July 1, 2018. On that day, she was riding in a friend's car when another vehicle rear-ended them. This apparently created a chain reaction in which a few cars collided. The operator of the car that hit Pepa's friend's vehicle was an Uber driver, who the police said was following too closely and could not stop in time.

As a result, Pepa is suing not only Uber itself but also the Uber driver, as well as three other drivers who were involved in the accident. The lawsuit claims the drivers being sued were driving carelessly and negligently, causing Pepa to suffer painful injuries that still affect her nearly two years later.

More specifically, Pepa now has pain in her neck and knee, making it difficult for her to complete her musical performances on stage or travel for her music. She's claimed that the pain is so intense that she gets sick during and after her performances. This is why she's suing for the cost of past and future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and loss of wages.

What To Do If You're Hit by an Uber Driver in Colorado

If you can relate to Pepa in that you were also hit by an Uber driver while you were in another car, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. It depends on the specific details of the car accident, but generally, you can sue both Uber and the driver who hit your car.

The first thing to do after a rideshare accident like this is to get any emergency medical treatment you need. Next, fill out a police report and exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved. Then you need to report the accident to your own insurance provider.

Uber drivers have to report any accidents to their employer, so it's likely that Uber will reach out to you after the collision. But just like insurance companies, Uber will likely try to avoid or downplay liability, or might even offer you a settlement that is much lower than you deserve.

This is why you should contact a Colorado personal injury attorney for help after an accident with an Uber driver. A lawyer can make sure you don't make any statements to Uber that will put your claim in jeopardy. He or she can also deal with Uber's insurance provider to help you get the compensation you need after a rideshare accident. So contact a Colorado car accident attorney today to start discussing your case.

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