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Pedestrian Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Feb 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

Police are seeking help finding the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in Florida. The man was crossing the street at night in a dimly lit area when he was struck by a car. The driver of the vehicle that hit him left the scene driving eastbound, and police arrived at the scene shortly after midnight to see the man lying in the eastbound center lane.

It appears he was struck by the car while in the inside lane, which threw him into the center lane, where he was run over at least once by other cars. The police are still investigating this tragic pedestrian hit-and-run accident and will hopefully soon find the driver responsible for the man's death.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Pedestrian Accident

This victim's family now has to deal with the grief of losing a loved one in such a shocking manner. Not only that, but they'll also have bills associated with this tragic loss, such as funeral costs and the loss of his income. For this reason, if the police are able to find the at-fault driver of this hit-and-run accident, the victim's family could sue for wrongful death.

This type of case is brought by the victim's family members after his or her death due to someone else's actions. A wrongful death lawsuit is meant to compensate the family for any damages they have suffered as a result of the victim's untimely death. In Colorado, someone can file a wrongful death case if they are:

  • The victim's spouse
  • The victim's children, if there is no spouse
  • A designated beneficiary

If the victim did not have a spouse, children, or beneficiary, his or her parents could initiate a wrongful death lawsuit to be compensated for any damages.

Types of Damages You Can Seek for Wrongful Death

If your loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident and you want to pursue a wrongful death case, there are two main types of damages. One is economic, which is meant to replace the victim's earnings. To calculate economic damages, several factors may be taken into account, such as the victim's regular income, employment benefits, funeral costs, and any inheritance the family would have gotten.

The other type of damages to consider in this kind of case is noneconomic. This refers to damages that compensate the family for the fact that the victim's death has diminished the joy in their life. Noneconomic damages might include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of consortium with a spouse, and loss of guidance or care from the victim.

If you've lost a family member through a pedestrian accident, you might have a good case for wrongful death. First, you have to find out if you're eligible to bring such a case, which will depend on your relationship with the victim of the Colorado pedestrian accident. To find out if a wrongful death case is advisable for you, contact a Denver accident attorney today to schedule an initial consultation so you can discuss your legal options.

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