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Neck and Back Injuries from Colorado Uber Accidents

Ridesharing companies like Uber have radically altered the way many Colorado residents get around. Relying on an Uber driver frees you from the need to own a car and is typically less expensive than calling a taxi. Despite the advantages, the risk of a collision is the same in an Uber as it is within any vehicle. In many cases, Uber accidents can result in serious neck and back injuries.

These injuries could occur with any party involved in the crash. This includes not only an Uber passenger but the driver as well. Additionally, drivers and passengers in the other vehicles involved in the crash could also suffer these injuries. Even cyclists and pedestrians face the risk of neck or back injuries if they struck by a careless Uber driver.

If you sustained serious neck or back injuries in a Colorado Uber accident, you are entitled to pursue monetary compensation from the responsible driver. While you have the right to take these claims on alone, the risks are significant. For guidance from an experienced injury attorney, contact today.

Common Neck and Back Injuries in Colorado Uber Accidents

Neck and back injuries come in many different forms and degrees. When these injuries stem from an Uber accident, they can have life-changing or permanent consequences. Below we review some of the most common neck and back injuries that could occur in these collisions.

Soft Tissue Injuries

The least-severe type of neck or back injuries involved in an Uber crash are soft tissue injuries. These injuries involve soft tissue like muscles, ligaments, or tendons. These could include strains or even tears of the soft tissue. While generally the least severe of these injuries, soft tissue damage can result in chronic pain. What's more, it can be difficult to prove these injuries exist at trial given that they do not have visible symptoms.


Also a form of soft tissue damage, whiplash is arguably the most common neck injury in a rear-end crash. Specifically, this condition involves damage to the connective tissue in the neck. These injuries earn their name from the whipping motion the head makes in a front or rear-end collision. Typically, the impact will cause the head to accelerate forward rapidly and then whip backwards, straining the muscles in the neck.

Herniated Discs

Some Uber accidents are so traumatic that the impact compresses the discs in a motorist's back. This compression can damage the nerves between discs. Pinched nerves due to herniated discs can result in significant pain and numbness. In many situations, these conditions can only be cleared up with surgery.

Spinal Fractures

The impact of an Uber crash can be so severe that bones in the neck or back could fracture. There are two general ways these fractures occur. Compression fractions are similar to herniated disc injuries, in that they involve the compression of the spine. However, they are more severe in that they result in the cracking of the vertebrae. Other fractures can occur in the vertebrae in the lower back when the body suddenly twists or rotates.


One of the most severe conditions in these accidents is known as spondylolisthesis. This condition happens when the spine suffers a compression fracture. These fractures can cause pieces of the vertebrae to shift out of alignment and pinch or damage the nerves within the spine. This condition can be painful, as well as causing numbness or weakness.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The most severe neck or back injury involves damage to the spinal cord. These injuries often have permanent consequences. Damage to the spinal cord can result in temporary or even permanent paralysis. In severe cases, spinal injuries can be fatal.

Common Challenges Facing a Colorado Uber Accident Claim

If you have suffered a neck or back injury in an Uber accident, there could be some unique challenges to recover compensation through a civil lawsuit. The amount of compensation available in these claims will depend on the severity of the injuries. In cases with permanent consequences, these claims could be substantial.

Pursuing these claims is similar to most personal injury cases. They begin by establishing that the Uber driver was negligent in causing the accident. Negligence can involve any careless, reckless, or intentional act that results in a collision. Common examples include violating traffic rules like speeding or running a stop sign. A plaintiff must also establish they suffered compensable damages that were directly linked to the Uber driver's negligence.

These claims become more complex when insurance coverage is involved. State law requires all drivers to carry liability insurance, but Uber drivers could have more than one policy in place. Uber offers its drivers robust insurance coverage, but the policies are only active in certain circumstances.

In some cases, Uber's insurance could claim the policy was not in effect. This could make the difference in whether or not you could obtain enough compensation to cover your losses. It is possible that an Uber driver's personal insurance policy might have policy limits below the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Identifying Potential Compensation

Getting the compensation you deserve requires that you demonstrate the full value of your claim. The more severe your injuries are, the more damages you could be entitled to. You are entitled to pursue compensation for your physical, mental, and financial damages. Common examples of compensation for a neck or back injury claim could include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Car repair costs
  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

Your Colorado rideshare accident lawyer could assist you in identifying the compensation available in your case.

How a Colorado Uber Accident Attorney Could Help

The repercussions of a neck or back injury resulting from a vehicle crash can be devastating. If you are living with the consequences of a neck or back injury in a Denver Uber accident, do not hesitate to contact today at 303-642-8888 for a free consultation. We look forward to discussing your legal options with you.