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Motorhome Accidents in Colorado

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Nov 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

Many people in Colorado and across the country pack up a motorhome for anything from a weekend getaway in a national park to crossing the country stopping when the mood strikes. Recreational vehicles (RVs) can be convenient but they can also be slow and difficult to maneuver. Motorhome accidents can involve different types of injuries compared to other vehicle accidents

Passengers in an RV Without Seat Belts

One of the reasons why RV accidents can be more dangerous for passengers is that passengers in a motorhome are less likely to be wearing a seatbelt while riding in the back. Colorado's seat belt law requires drivers and front-seat passengers to wear a seat belt. It also requires children 15 years old and younger to wear a seat belt. However, many people driving RVs allow passengers in the back to roam freely, no matter what their age.

RVs are exempt from Colorado's Child Passenger Safety Laws, except for the front seats. Although, the Colorado Department of Transportation does not recommend transporting anyone in the back of an RV.

When an RV gets into an accident, any passengers without a seat belt can be thrown around the inside of the vehicle, striking surfaces and objects multiple times. Without a restraint, anyone riding around in the back of a motor home is at serious risk of an injury. 

Other Drivers in RV Accidents

An RV accident is more like a truck accident than a car accident. Motor homes are larger, have more mass, and are much more top-heavy compared to other motor vehicles. This can make them difficult to navigate, require longer stopping distances, and may be prone to tipping over in sharp turns. For other vehicles involved, an RV may cause greater destruction, crushing the vehicle or trapping passengers inside. 

Motor Home Accidents in Colorado

There have been a number of motorhome accidents in Colorado that have caused serious injuries or fatalities. Recently, 22 people were treated for injuries in a 16-vehicle crash involving an RV in Fort Collins. A motorhome towing an SUV was approaching several vehicles stopped at a red light. The RV failed to stop and hit multiple vehicles. 5 people were taken to the hospital and the intersection was closed for almost 12 hours. 

Last year, a motorhome rollover killed the vehicle's driver on Colorado Highway 131. The RV was making a left-hand curve when the vehicle started to go off the road. The driver overcorrected and went across the road, hitting some trees. The vehicle flipped over onto the roof. The driver was killed in the accident. 

In December, a driver was arrested after a fatal hit-and-run RV accident in Denver. Security video from a nearby home showed what appeared to be a Winnebago driving the wrong way down the street, jumping a curb and going up onto the sidewalk, fatally striking a pedestrian. The driver continued driving away without stopping. 

Colorado Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

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