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Lyft Driver Hits a Deer With a Passenger On Board

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Sep 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

In Georgia, a Lyft driver was recently involved in an accident when hitting a deer during a ride. The driver followed the rules and called law enforcement for an accident report. However, the passenger was surprised when the officer did a check and found the passenger had a warrant. The ride ended with the Lyft driver having a damaged vehicle and the passenger arrested for outstanding warrants. 

Hitting a Deer with a Rideshare Passenger in the Vehicle

Drivers in Colorado are used to having animals run across the highway, deer, rabbits, or even elk, may dart out in front of a speeding car with no warning, putting the driver and passengers at risk of serious injury. As we wrote about in an earlier blog post, Colorado wildlife-vehicle collisions spike in November. According to an article in the Coloradoan, accidents with deer account for the majority of vehicle collisions, with 60% of vehicle and wildlife accidents in 2017 involving deer. 

Hitting a deer is not uncommon for Lyft or Uber drivers, including while they have a passenger in the car. Some of the rideshare forums where drivers discuss their problems and complaints have stories from Uber drivers after hitting a deer. Some of those complaints are about Uber not covering the collision deductible even though the driver was not considered to be at fault and the accident occurred during an Uber ride.

Other drivers discuss a common theme of rideshare accidents, where the driver's insurance company does not want to pay for the damage when it involves a rideshare for hire. Similarly, Uber or Lyft do not want to pay for the damage until the driver's insurance company covers the damage. In the meantime, the driver is left with a damaged car, no idea who will pay, and may not have enough money to cover the cost out-of-pocket. 

Lyft Passenger Arrested After Background Check 

On August 27, at a little after 1 a.m., a sheriff's deputy was dispatched to an accident where a Lyft driver's Chevy Cruze hit a deer. Accidents in Georgia, like in Colorado, have to be reported. When at the scene, the deputy ran a check on the passenger, a 27-year-old man who had a number of arrest warrants.  

Passengers may be concerned about who they are getting into the vehicle with. Uber and Lyft claim to do background checks and driving record checks but those are not always reliable. However, Lyft and Uber drivers have passengers in their vehicles who do not have to go through any kind of background check. In this case in Georgia, there is no suggestion that the driver was at risk but it may have been surprising for the driver to find out the passenger had multiple warrants. 

Lyft Drivers and Passengers Injured in Accidents with Deer  

After a rideshare driver hits a deer, it can cause an injury accident to the driver and passengers. The injury victims want to get covered for their medical bills but the rideshare company and insurance company may waste time trying to avoid paying anything after the accident. 

The attorneys at have successfully represented Lyft drivers and passengers in Denver, BoulderAurora, and throughout Colorado who were injured during a Lyft ride. Do not let Lyft dictate your options. Our experienced attorneys will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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