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Louisville Uber and Lyft Accidents

Louisville is a small community in Boulder County that used to be a mining community. Now, it is considered one of the best places to live in America. Between Boulder and Denver, it offers short drives to big city conveniences but still maintains the feeling of a small town. However, like the rest of central Colorado, Louisville continues to grow, which can increase traffic and accidents. 

With increased traffic, many residents and workers in Louisville are looking for alternatives to driving, traffic, and parking hassles. The DASH can get residents to Downtown Boulder pretty easily but it is more difficult to commute into Denver or get to Denver International Airport. Biking is a great way to get around locally, or meet up in Historic Downtown Louisville, but not everyone feels comfortable riding a bike after dark or in the middle of winter. 

Ride-hailing companies, including Lyft and Uber, can provide an alternative mode of transportation for short trips, going to the airport, or getting home safely after going out for a drink. However, the convenience of rideshare trips may come at the expense of the risk of getting into an accident. Rideshare vehicles may cause accidents with other drivers, pedestrianscyclists, or cause injury to the rideshare passengers.

If you were injured in an accident as a Lyft passenger or while using Uber, talk to a rideshare accident lawyer about your rights. The attorneys at can investigate your case and work to get you the maximum compensation after an injury accident in Louisville,  Boulder, or the greater Denver area. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Using Lyft and Uber in Louisville 

Riders who use Lyft and Uber in Louisville include people who don't have cars, people traveling for work, and nights out to avoid drinking and driving. CU Boulder faculty, staff, and students with families may prefer to live in a town like Louisville instead of Boulder proper but may also want to go to Boulder to go to a football or basketball game without having to drive. 

Going out for dinner and drinks in downtown Louisville is a short trip for most residents and Lyft or Uber can provide a safe way home after a few drinks. There are more dining and drink options in Boulder, which is also a short ride away. A Lyft or Uber ride can help people avoid the risk of driving while impaired after having a little too much to drink. 

Another common pick-up/drop-off location for Uber and Lyft rides in Louisville is the airport. For a business trip, the employer may reimburse the worker for the Lyft or Uber ride and just make the process easier with a drop-off right at the terminal. Even for vacation, Uber or Lyft can avoid the cost of airport parking. It may not be hard to find a ride from a friend to the airport but friends may be less willing to get up at 4 a.m. to get you to DIA for a 6 a.m. flight.

Lyft and Uber Accidents in Louisville

A Lyft or Uber ride may be convenient but it does not avoid the risk of a car accident. Even safe rideshare drivers can be injured in an accident caused by another driver. It is important for Uber and Lyft driverspassengers, and others on the road to understand the risks of rideshare driving, insurance coverage, and how to file a claim for an accident involving a rideshare vehicle. 

Inherent Risks of Rideshare Accidents

There are certain inherent risks for Colorado rideshare drivers. Rideshare drivers may even be more likely to be involved in certain types of accidents, because of the app usage, driver requirements, and types of rides provided. The most significant difference between rideshare drivers and other types of accidents is that rideshare drivers are required to use the Lyft or Uber app. 

Using a phone app while driving may be a violation of Colorado's laws against using a phone while driving. The rideshare companies claim the drivers are only supposed to use the apps when safely stopped. However, anyone who has taken a Lyft or Uber in Denver knows that the drivers often use the app or mapping apps while they are on the road. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents in Colorado. 

Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Cyclists

Louisville has more than 30 city parks and over 30 miles of trails and bike paths, giving Louisville residents lots of reasons to spend time outside. Children, teens, and families are often out and about on foot or bikes, exploring their neighborhoods. Drivers are supposed to expect cyclists on the road, keep a safe following distance, and allow at least 3-feet when passing. Unfortunately, some rideshare drivers do not know how to drive safely around cyclists

In a hurry to pick up their next fare, to collect their multi-ride bonus from Lyft or Uber, drivers may speed through neighborhoods, roll through stop signs, or fail to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. This can put cyclists and pedestrians at risk of an injury accident, all because of an impatient or distracted Lyft or Uber driver

Even at a low speed, accidents between a vehicle and pedestrian or cyclist can be severe, and sometimes fatal. Pedestrian or cyclist accident injuries can include: 

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Road rash
  • Neck injuries
  • Ligament damage
  • Amputation
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal injuries

Reporting a Rideshare Accident in Louisville

If you are involved in an accident with a rideshare vehicle, you may have to report the accident, depending on your involvement. Any rideshare drivers involved in an accident must generally report the accident to law enforcement, their insurance company, and Lyft or Uber. 

Under Colorado Statute 42-4-1606, all vehicle accidents must be reported, even minor fender benders. If the accident involves an injury, significant damage, or a vehicle is not driveable, the police may respond to the accident and write up an accident report. For an accident in and around Louisville, the responding officers may include:

If the police do not respond, the parties involved in the accident need to exchange information, including contact information, driver's license information, and insurance information. The driver can then file an accident report online. Leaving the scene of an accident without providing contact information could lead to criminal charges. 

Rideshare drivers are also required to report the accident to the rideshare company. Passengers injured in a rideshare accident are also requested to report the accident to the rideshare company. However, if you were a passenger, pedestrian, or driver of another vehicle involved in a Lyft or Uber crash, you may also want to contact an experienced rideshare accident lawyer to know what to expect when dealing with the rideshare companies. 

Emergency Medical Care After a Louisville Rideshare Accident 

Your first priority after a car accident should be safety. If you or anyone else suffered an injury in an accident, call 911. Even if you think there is a chance you were injured, you should seek medical attention. Head, neck, and back injuries can be tricky and may not be evident until a medical evaluation. 

Some of the emergency departments (EDs) or Urgent Care Facilities near Louisville include: 

Injured After a Lyft or Uber Ride in Louisville

If you were injured in a Lyft or Uber accident in Louisville, contact Our experienced rideshare accident attorneys will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.