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Auto Accidents in Lakewood

Lakewood has been steadily growing over the past few decades. All this growth to the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood area has brought increased traffic, and with it, more auto accidents. At some of the worst intersections in Lakewood, drivers speeding through traffic lights or failing to yield to other drivers can cause serious car crashes, injuries, and even fatalities. 

When another driver causes a car accident, that driver should be responsible for paying for the injury victim's losses. Losses after an accident can include medical expenses, continuing medical care, and time off of work without pay. The insurance company may not fully compensate you for your losses. However, you can file a personal injury claim to get the maximum compensation after a car accident. 

If you were involved in a Lakewood car crash, talk to a lawyer about your rights. The attorneys at will investigate your case, handle the insurance company, and work to get you the maximum compensation after an injury accident in Lakewood. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Causes of Auto Accidents in Lakewood

Auto accidents can be caused by a number of factors, including bad weather, brake defects, and road debris. However, most car accidents are still caused by human error or negligence. Some of the common causes of auto accidents include:  

  • Speeding,
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, 
  • DUI drugs, 
  • Rolling through stop signs,
  • Failure to check blind spots,
  • Failure to observe stop signs, 
  • Failure to observe traffic lights,
  • Driving and texting,
  • Distracted driving,
  • Driving while drowsy, 
  • Failure to yield the right of way,
  • Reckless driving, and
  • Failure to properly maintain a vehicle.

Bicycles and Pedestrian Accidents 

Not all traffic crashes involve two passenger vehicles. A number of traffic accidents involving bicycles or pedestrians. When a car and pedestrian or cyclist collide, the car driver and passengers are protected by the vehicle, safety belts, air bags, and other safety devices. Cyclists may have a helmet but pedestrians have no real protection from serious injury. Accidents with pedestrians or cyclists may have higher rates of serious injury or death. 

Truck and Tractor Trailer Accidents  

Heavy trucks, semis, and tractor trailers can also be responsible for serious accidents in the Lakewood area. Commercial truck drivers can drive negligently like any other driver but also have heavier and bigger vehicles under their control. In addition to the other common causes of car accidents, truck accidents can involve: 

  • Overloaded trailers,
  • Unbalanced loads, 
  • Drowsy drivers,
  • Drivers under the influence, 
  • Vehicles lacking proper maintenance. 

When a truck is involved in an injury accident, in addition to the driver being liable for any injuries, the trucking company may also be responsible for damages. Dealing with a trucking company after an accident can be frustrating for an injury victim. Let an experienced Colorado auto accident lawyer deal with the insurance company and the trucking company so you can focus on recovery. 

Dangerous Intersections in Lakewood

Some of the dangerous intersections in Lakewood involve heavy traffic areas and intersections where drivers get up to high speeds. Running a red light or trying to squeeze in ahead of a fast-moving car can increase the risk of an accident at these busy intersections. Some dangerous intersections in Lakewood include: 

  • Colfax and Kendall
  • Colfax and Wadsworth
  • Colfax and Kipling
  • Colfax and Lamar
  • Colfax and Sheridan
  • Colfax and Teller
  • 10 Ave and Sheridan
  • Mississippi Avenue and Wadsworth

What to Do After an Accident 

Under Colorado Statute 42-4-1606, all motor vehicle accidents must be reported, including minor accidents. The police or Colorado State Patrol may respond to more serious accidents but they may not respond to a minor fender bender. However, you are still generally required to report any accident and can file an online accident report with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

Insurance policies generally require immediately reporting any accident or damage. You may worry that reporting the accident will increase your premiums but it is the first step in dealing with an accident claim to get compensation from the insurance company. 

Reporting your accident to your insurance company may be required but cooperating with the other driver's insurance company may only lead to trouble. If the other driver's insurance company calls, send them to your lawyer. The insurance company may appear sympathetic but they may be trying to get you to say something they can use to deny your claim. 

Understand Your Injuries and Damages After an Accident

Car accident injuries can be difficult to diagnose and complex to treat. Many car accident victims walk away from the accident feeling fine. However, a few hours or even days later, they may feel neck pain, headaches, dizziness, or be unable to get out of bed. Neck, back, and head injuries are some of the more serious injuries in car accidents. Anyone involved in an accident should get checked out by a doctor if there is any chance of an injury. 

After the accident, the insurance company may only offer a small amount of money that does not even cover all the medical bills. Instead of just taking the offer, make sure you understand the full extent of your injuries. Do not accept a settlement offer unless you understand what you are giving up. Accepting a settlement generally means you are giving up your rights to sue in court. 

Talk to your accident lawyer before accepting any offer. Your lawyer will be able to advise you of your rights, help you negotiate a full settlement, and protect your rights to you are not left paying for your injuries out-of-pocket. 

Lakewood and Jefferson County Auto Accident Lawyers

The attorneys at have successfully represented drivers and families in Lakewood who were involved in an automobile accident get compensation for their losses. Our experienced attorneys understand how the insurance companies operate and will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.