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Joyride in Stolen Truck Leads to Nine Injured in Crash

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Feb 21, 2020 | 0 Comments

Some teenagers decided to steal a truck and take it on a joyride in Aurora, only to cause an accident that left nine people injured and a power outage in the area. The accident happened around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

The incident started at the Morehead Recreation Center on Havana Street, where a 2010 Toyota Tacoma was stolen Tuesday night after thieves took its keys from a storage locker. Officers spotted the stolen truck on Wednesday and began following it without turning on their lights or sirens. The driver may have noticed they were being followed because the truck then accelerated and ran a red light at the intersection of East Sixth Avenue and North Sable Boulevard.

The stolen truck then hit a Regional Transportation Department (RTD) bus, another pickup truck, and an Aurora Parks and Recreation vehicle. The stolen truck rolled and crashed into a power pole, which caused an outage in the area. Seven juveniles had to be extricated from the stolen truck and were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. The drivers of the RTD bus and Parks and Recreation vehicle were sent to the hospital, and one of those injured is listed in critical condition while the other is listed in serious condition. The driver of the other pickup truck was not injured.

How the Injured Can Recover

Unfortunately, the two Aurora city employees who were injured in this accident may have a long road of recovery ahead of them. At the very least, they will be facing huge medical bills, long stays in the hospital, possible physical and occupational therapy, and a gap in their paychecks while they are unable to work until they recover. Luckily their employers' insurance will probably cover their injuries since they were hurt while on the job.

Another person who was injured in this accident, although not physically, is the owner of the stolen truck. It is bad enough that the owner had their truck stolen, much less involved in such a serious accident that left so many injured. But now they have to deal with either repairing or replacing their truck. The owner may also be wondering if they could somehow be held liable for the accident.

The short answer is no. Colorado does have a “negligent entrustment” law which states that if an owner of a vehicle loans it to someone who they knew was unfit to drive, they can be held responsible for any accident that driver causes. But in this case, the owner of the Tacoma certainly did not know the thief who stole his truck, much less that they would drive recklessly and dangerously.

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