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Improper Turning and Intersection Violations

When other drivers fail to turn properly or violate laws at intersections, people can be seriously injured or killed as a result. Colorado law and Denver ordinances set forth specific rules that apply to these types of traffic situations, and when drivers fail to follow them, they should be responsible for the harm they cause. Intersections are particularly dangerous due to the high volume of traffic that goes through a relatively small area, as well as the risk of front-end and side collisions.

If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed as the result of an automobile accident in Denver or the greater Denver metropolitan area, an experienced personal injury attorney at can fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

Improper Turning and Intersection Violation Accident Lawyers in Denver, Colorado

If you were involved in a car accident in Denver or the surrounding areas involving improper turning or intersection violations, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. When the cause of the accident is due to the fault of another person, you should not have to bear the high cost of medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more. The responsible party should be required to compensate you for those damages.

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Improper Turning Violations

Improper turning violations are an extremely common cause of auto accidents in Denver and the surrounding areas. The complexities of city driving are not lost on those who live, work, and drive in this city. Most of us have seen another driver turn into oncoming traffic or violate a turning rule in some way, shape, or form.

Left Hand Turns

Drivers making left-hand turns are generally expected to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic going straight or intending to turn right. Failure to yield as required under the law is a negligent act and one that, if it causes damage, will result in liability in a personal injury lawsuit. These can occur at a private road, driveway, or intersection. The specific facts of the turn are an important part of proving that the other driver was negligent.

Failure to Signal

Anytime a person intends to turn, he or she is required to use a turn signal, or appropriate hand signal indicating the imminent turn. Colorado law requires this signal of intention to turn within not less than the last one hundred feet before the vehicle turns when within an urban or metropolitan area. If a car is on a four-lane highway or other highway where the speed limit is more than 40 miles per hour, that distance is increased to not less than two hundred feet before the vehicle intends to turn.

Failure to signal is a type of negligence that can impose liability on a driver that caused your accident and your injuries.

No-Turn Signs

Signs appear on many roads that indicate a person may not turn left or turn right on a particular street, or turn in that direction at certain times. Drivers who ignore these requirements can cause serious accidents. This negligent act means that any injuries caused as a result are the responsibility of that negligent driver.

Improper Intersection Violations

When another driver violates the rules pertaining to intersections, the risk of high-speed collisions is greatly increased. Failure to follow the rules of the road when approaching or while in an intersection are considered negligent acts and can create liability for the other driver.

Failure to Follow Signals

At many intersections, signals dictate whether you may stop, go, or prepare to stop. These are all controlled by stoplights in red, yellow, and green. Some intersections have arrows, U-turn indicators, pedestrian warnings, no-turn signs, one-way signals, or other signs. 

Drivers who fail to stop at red lights can easily get people killed. Many intersections allow high-speed traffic through them, and failing to stop can severely injure or kill others. Drivers who violate the rules of the road at intersections can be held responsible for those decisions.

Stop Signs

Many intersections have stop signs, or flashing red lights, that require a vehicle to fully stop, check for oncoming traffic and then proceed. Specific rules apply to two-way stops and four-way stops. Further, vehicles must come to a full stop, not a "rolling stop" to be in compliance with the law. Failure to follow these rules can lead to a personal injury lawsuit against that driver.

Traffic Circles

As traffic circles become more common on the road, they present unique challenges and a new set of rules on how to yield and enter intersections. All drivers are expected to know the rules of the road. Actual ignorance of the law is not a defense, so if another driver fails to follow the law, even one they did not know, is not an excuse.

Consult an Experienced Denver Improper Turning and Intersection Violation Auto Accident Lawyer

Improper turning or intersection violations are very dangerous, and when they result in injuries to you or your family, a personal injury lawsuit can help to compensate you for those injuries. You deserve the best representation and an effective case.

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