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Denver Rideshare Accidents on Valentine's Day

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Feb 09, 2021 | 0 Comments

When people think of holidays with more drunk drivers on the road, they think of Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or New Year's Eve. However, even quiet holidays like Valentine's can increase the risk of drunk drivers on the road. Many couples use rideshare services like Lyft or Uber to avoid a DUI after having drinks with dinner. However, the passengers in a Lyft or Uber can still be injured in an accident if they are hit by a drunk driver.

After an injury accident in Colorado, the injured individuals should seek immediate medical attention. The next call you might want to make after an injury accident is to an experienced Colorado rideshare accident attorney. Your lawyer can handle the rideshare and insurance companies so you can focus on recovery. 

Dining Out in Denver on Valentine's Day

With COVID-19 restrictions, dining options indoors may be limited, with additional outdoor reservations at many restaurants. Some couples may opt for pick-up to have a romantic meal at home. For many couples, having a nice dinner out will be a good chance to celebrate after the events of the past year. 

For couples on a first date, a couple of drinks may help them loosen up in what can be an awkward time. For married couples, Valentine's Day may be one of the few times they can get away for a romantic meal, which is a cause for celebration. Drinks with dinner may start with cocktails, a bottle of wine for dinner, and maybe even a glass of champagne. At the end of the meal, the couple still has to get home. Options may be limited to hailing a taxi or calling up an Uber or Lyft on their phone.  

The Show the Love on Valentine's Day campaign by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), says, “if your plans with the one you love include a night out, plan ahead for a sober ride.” 

Ride-Hailing a Lyft or Uber After Drinking

Uber and Lyft are a very popular way of getting a ride home after a night out in Denver. These apps connect passengers with drivers and handle all payments through the app, which can be more convenient than a taxi. However, passengers still have to understand there are inherent risks associated with getting into a strangers car for a ride home. 

Rideshare drivers have limited training and only undergo limited background checks. There is no guarantee your driver is experienced, understands Colorado traffic laws, or has no history of DUIs. In some cases, impaired Uber drivers have caused accidents injuring their passengers or others. 

Other risks of getting into an Uber or Lyft include distracted driving as the driver is busy checking their phone for pick-up and drop-off information, accepting or completing rides, or finding music to play during the ride. On a busy night like Valentine's Day in Denver or Boulder, the driver may also be tempted to collect some bonuses from the app company, for completing rides quickly and accepting as many rides as possible. This could increase the risk of speeding, breaking traffic laws, or lead to an accident if the driver has not gotten enough sleep.

After an Accident in a Lyft or Uber in Colorado

Even if the rideshare driver is perfectly safe, you can't account for all drivers on the road. If you are injured as a Lyft or Uber passenger, you may have a more difficult time collecting damages for medical bills and lost wages because you will have to deal with multiple insurance companies and the rideshare company. 

Injury victims often find that Lyft or Uber don't want to pay for injuries because the driver's insurance is supposed to handle the claim. However, the driver's insurance may refuse the claim because their driver never told them about driving for hire. This leaves the injury victim stuck trying to get medical bills paid for something that was no fault of their own.

If you were injured in a traffic accident in Boulder, Arvada, or anywhere in the Denver area, contact the Denver Legal Eagles today at 303-642-8888 for a free consultation. We are here waiting for you.

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