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Deadly Accident in Moped Ride Share Service

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Aug 21, 2020 | 0 Comments

Uber and Lyft quickly took hold as ride-hailing companies introduced their business model in Colorado and around the world. Bike shares came next, allowing riders to pick up and drop off a bike for a ride between stations. Then came the electric scooters, which saw inexperienced riders zipping through the city. New York has even introduced a moped share system that unfortunately showed how unsafe rideshare options can be.

Fatal Moped Accident for New York News Reporter

A 26-year-old CBS New York reporter died in a moped crash last month in Brooklyn. Nina Kapur was riding as a passenger on the moped when it crashed, leaving the driver with only minor injuries. Kapur was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where she later died. According to an NYPD spokeswoman, the driver and passenger were not wearing helmets.

The moped the pair were riding was part of Revel scooters. Revel is an electric moped ride-sharing startup that allows users to take the mopeds for rides using their ride-sharing app. Users only need to download the app, show a valid driver's license, and provide a payment method. Riders can then locate a moped, put on a helmet, and ride. 

Revel does not require users to demonstrate any level of skill or proficiency in riding a scooter. Users are not required to have a motorcycle license. Users are not tested on the rules and local laws regarding operating a moped. The company offers free 45 minute lessons, which must be booked in advance, but are not required.

Revel also operates in Austin, Oakland, Miami, Washington D.C., and has plans to be available in San Francisco. Revel announced they were pausing service in New York City to review their safety measures.  

Mopeds Can Be Dangerous in Inexperienced Hands

Even before the reporter's fatal accident, there was a lot of criticism over Revel mopeds, with riders regularly breaking the requirements of the app company and violating traffic laws. The website indicates the speed limit for most of the roads is 25 miles per hour but the scooters can travel faster. Other rules require the use of a helmet, prohibit riding on sidewalks or in bike lanes, and prohibit crossing bridges. 

A mother was crossing the street pushing her 2-year-old in a stroller when a Revel rider going the wrong way crashed into the stroller, and then took off. The child suffered bruising. A 30-year-old Revel rider suffered severe head trauma when he crashed into a pole while the 32-year-old passenger suffered ankle injuries. 

Riders who have suffered injuries in crashes using Revel have complained that the mopeds were malfunctioning, locking up mid-ride, steering locking, and braking systems failing to properly slow the moped. 

Car, Bike, and Scooter Shares in Colorado

Boulder put a moratorium on e-scooters but may look at re-introducing electric scooter share companies after the temporary ban ends in October 2020. Boulder is apparently also reviewing a dockless bike-share program to allow users to access shared bikes for short trips around the city. 

Denver has more ridesharing options but they still have a lot of critics and the future of electric bikes, e-scooters, and bike shares is uncertain. As part of Denver's Mobility Action Plan, e-scooter companies have a temporary license to operate in Denver, including Lyft, Spin, Lime, Razor, and Bird. Denver's bike share program B-cycle has stations all over the city, where users can get around at a cost of $5.00 for each 30 minute-period. 

Accident With Ride-Share Scooter, Bike, or Car

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