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Cyclists Injured in Hit and Run Have a Long Road to Recovery

Posted by Jeremy Rosenthal | Jun 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Colorado has some great cycling opportunities. The clear skies help make it possible to bike across the state throughout most of the year. This includes CU students biking to school, tourists traveling around Downtown Denver, or weekend road cyclists taking on some of the highest roads in the country. 

Unfortunately for cyclists, most of the time they are on the road they have to share the space with cars, trucks, and SUVs. Protected bike lanes are limited in Colorado and even regular bike lanes do not always provide a lot of space for passing vehicles. However, some of the most dangerous cycling accidents in Colorado can occur on the highways, with cars speeding by at 60 plus miles per hour. 

Andrew Bernstein in 2019 Hit and Run Accident 

In July 2019, cyclist Andrew Bernstein was riding his bike along the shoulder of Highway 7/Arapahoe Road in Boulder County, just east of Boulder. Without warning, Bernstein was struck by a van, and he remembers little after that. “Next thing I remember after that,” said Bernstein, “is coming to on the ground and realizing I needed help.”

The driver of the van did not stop, did not render aid, and did not contact emergency services. The driver of the van fled the accident scene. Although the van was later located, no one has been charged in the crime. 

Bernstein wrote about his experience in Outside Magazine in an article, “To the Driver Who Hit Me and Ran.” Bernstein graphically describes his injuries, which include: 

  • Broken collarbone,
  • Broken shoulder,
  • All ribs broken,
  • Broken sternum,
  • Collapsed lungs,
  • Broken ankle,
  • Broken tibia and fibula,
  • Broken femur, 
  • Internal bleeding requiring surgery and blood transfusions,
  • Broken neck and back vertebrae,
  • Spinal cord damage,
  • Left leg paralysis, and
  • Compromised bladder and bowel function. 

Another driver spotted a bike and helmet on the ground, pulling over and finding the injured Bernstein. The driver called 9-1-1 and waited at the scene until the ambulance arrived. The emergency department doctor later told Bernstein that he may not have made it another half-hour without emergency treatment. 

Recovering from Bike Accident Injuries

It can be a long road to recovery for cycling victims injured in an accident with a vehicle. Injury victims can suffer chronic pain, restricted range of motion, paralysis, nerve damage, and post-traumatic stress disorder.  

Personal Injury Claims After a Bike Accident in Boulder

A personal injury lawsuit after a bike accident in Boulder or across Colorado is a way to hold the person who caused the injury responsible for their actions. The lawsuit can help the victim and their family recover damages for:

  • Medical bills,  
  • Future medical treatment,
  • Loss of income,
  • Loss of earning potential,
  • Compensation for loss of function, and
  • Pain and suffering.

Consult an Experienced Boulder Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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