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Commerce City Uber and Lyft Accidents

Commerce City is close enough to make an easy commute to Denver but far enough away that day to day life is quieter and the traffic is lighter. Commerce City still has more of a community feel than others and is a more affordable option than other nearby Denver metro areas. Like other cities in the area, Commerce City is continuing to grow. 

With continued growth comes more cars, more traffic, and more motor vehicle accidents. Any car or driver can be involved in an accident but there may be an increase in rideshare accidents as more people choose the convenience of a Lyft or Uber ride. There are certain risks that come with rideshare driving, because of the way the rideshare companies operate. 

Ride-hailing services are still relatively new and drivers and passengers involved in a rideshare accident in Commerce City may not be sure how to handle the insurance claims or injury claims process. If you are a driverpassenger, or 3rd party injured in a Lyft or Uber accident, contact an experienced rideshare accident lawyer for help.

What to Do After a Rideshare Accident in Commerce City

A car accident can be startling and even if you know what you should do after an accident, you may forget what to do with the adrenaline running. Many people who are injured in a car accident simply do not notice their injury in the immediate aftermath. This is why it is so important to get medical attention even if there is a possibility of an injury. 

If you are injured, a passenger is injured, or anyone else is injured after a car accident in Commerce City, call 9-1-1 for help. There are a few emergency departments (EDs) or Urgent Care Facilities in Commerce City, including: 

Even if you do not need an ambulance to the hospital, you should consider seeing a doctor after an accident. Some accident injuries may not be evident right after the accident and take time to develop. This includes head and brain injuriesneck and back injuries, and internal injuries. 

Reporting a Lyft or Uber Accident in Commerce City

Lyft or Uber drivers who are involved in an accident have to report the accident to the state, their insurance company, and the rideshare company. When a traffic accident results in injury or any property damage, it has to be reported to the nearest law enforcement agency. If the police or state patrol respond, the driver is generally required to remain at the scene until law enforcement has completed their investigation. In an accident in Commerce City, the responding agencies may include:

If the police do not respond to the accident, or if the accident is minor, the driver is still required to report the accident. An accident report can be filed online through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

Drivers are also required to report the accident to their insurance company. However, even rideshare drivers may not be sure if the claim falls under their personal insurance policy or the rideshare policy. Uber and Lyft have special insurance coverage. The insurance coverage depends on whether the driver was using the app or had a passenger in the vehicle. 

The rideshare companies may request a passenger or driver injured in an accident to go through the app but injury victims can still contact an experienced accident attorney to make sure they are not taken advantage of. If you were involved in a Lyft or Uber accident, contact your Colorado rideshare accident lawyer. 

Commerce City Uber and Lyft Rides

Users of Uber and Lyft in Commerce City include people who do not have access to a vehicle as well as drivers who want to leave their car behind to avoid traffic, parking hassles, or avoid the temptation to drive home after drinking. 

Limited Public Transit Options

There are bus lines that provide some public transportation services in and around Commerce City. The Commerce City & 72nd station for the N Line is the second stop from Union Station and continues north connecting to Thornton. However, the station is not within walking distance for most residents. Lyft and Uber rides can provide transportation options for residents at times when public transit is not available.

Denver International Airport

Even if a traveler has a vehicle, they may not want to drive and park at the airport. Even the economy lot at Denver International Airport (DIA) can be expensive. A roundtrip journey between the airport and Commerce City may be about $100 but that is still less than parking for a week or more. 

Safer Option for Going Out Drinking

There are some dining and entertainment options in Commerce City but they are limited. There are more options in Denver but it is not a good idea to go out drinking in Denver and then have to drive home to Commerce City. It can increase the risk of an accident or a drunk driving arrest. Taking an Uber or Lyft out to a brewery, bar, or concert in Denver can avoid the risks of drinking and driving. 

Are Lyft and Uber More Dangerous Than Other Vehicles?

Any driver can be involved in an accident. However, there are some risks that drivers and passengers should understand before they drive for Uber or Lyft, get in as a passenger, or if anyone is involved in an accident with a rideshare vehicle. Some of the common causes of ridesharing accidents include: 

Rideshare drivers may be more distracted than other drivers because they are required to use the app for picking up a passenger, navigating on the route, and completing the ride. Uber and Lyft drivers may also be using the phone for mapping, listening to music, or making phone calls. 

There are limited selection and training requirements for Lyft and Uber drivers. This includes a driving report and background check but these checks sometimes miss things that would make these drivers ineligible to drive. Drivers may also not be familiar with Colorado traffic laws and they may have just moved to the Denver area within days of being available to take passengers around Commerce City. 

Some drivers may be using the ride-hailing service to make extra money after working a full-time job. These drivers may be driving late at night or early in the morning, when drowsy driving can be more of a problem. Drowsy driving can increase the risk of an accident. Unfortunately, passengers have no information about how long a driver has been awake and working before getting in the car.

Injured After an Uber Ride or Hit by a Lyft Driver in Commerce City

If you were injured in an Uber accident or Lyft accident in Commerce City, contact Our experienced Colorado rideshare accident attorneys will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.