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Colorado Tourists and Ridesharing Accidents

When visiting Colorado, many tourists end up using rideshare companies like Lyft or Uber to get around. Traffic in Colorado can be bad, rental cars are expensive out of Denver airport, and parking can be a pain. Visitors may also want to have a couple of drinks while they are out for dinner. All these factors are reasons tourists may want to get a Lyft or Uber around the Denver area. 

Unfortunately, riding as a passenger can expose you to possible traffic accidents. Lyft and Uber drivers are not professionals and may have the same bad driving habits as other careless drivers. Getting involved in an accident with a ridesharing driver (as a passenger, pedestrian, or cyclist) for tourists can be more complicated, especially when the accident victim lives far away. 

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Dealing with an Accident While Out-of-State

Even though ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber operate across the world, dealing with an accident claim as a tourist can be frustrating. The accident victim may have to seek medical care in a new city where they do not have a doctor, friends, or family. It may require changing travel plans after an injury and delay a return to home and work. 

After returning home, the injured tourist may have to deal with hospital bills over the phone, trying to get ahold of the insurance agent handling the case in a different city, and communicating with the rideshare company online. The simplest way to handle an accident that happens while visiting a different city is to contact a local lawyer who understands the courts in the place where the accident occurred. 

By contacting a Denver accident attorney after a Colorado rideshare accident, your lawyer will be able to deal with the accident locally while keeping you informed about your case. Your lawyer will let you know how the case is progressing, what settlement offer the insurance company is making, and if necessary, take your case to court. This will allow you to focus on getting your life back to normal. 

In an Accident as a Lyft or Uber Passenger  

As a Lyft or Uber passenger, you could be a victim of the driver's negligence or negligence of another driver. Unfortunately, this means you have to wait for the insurance company and rideshare company to sort out fault in the accident before you can get compensated for your injuries. In many cases, the insurance company or rideshare company will only offer a small settlement that does not even cover your damages. This is when you could use the help of an experienced accident attorney who will fight to get you the maximum compensation. 

Accident as a Lyft Passenger 

Passengers injured in a Lyft ride may have a number of questions about their rights and what to do after an accident occurs. When you are a passenger in a Lyft vehicle driven by a Lyft driver, you are protected by Lyft's insurance. This insurance coverage is required by Colorado law, and the company must carry this insurance to make sure you are covered in the case of an accident. If you are injured as the result of another driver's negligence who is not the Lyft driver, you could also seek payment from the responsible driver's insurance. 

After an accident in a Lyft vehicle, the passenger should report the accident to the police or make sure that the Lyft driver calls the police. Lyft requires its drivers to report any accidents to them as soon as possible but you can also report the accident on Lyft's website to make sure there is a record of your accident on file with the company and start your claim.

Accident as an Uber Passenger 

Passengers injured in an Uber accident have a number of questions about how to handle an injury accident claim. After an accident in an Uber vehicle, the passenger should make sure that the Uber driver calls the police or 911. You should also make sure you talk to the police about what you observed.

Uber also requires its drivers to report any accidents to the company as soon as possible, but you can also report the accident on Uber's website to ensure that Uber knows the accident occurred. 

Uber is responsible for hiring safe drivers, who can drive safely and are legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle. If Uber fails to do this, it can result in liability on the part of Uber. Uber is required to perform background checks of all their drivers. Failure to do so could also lead to liability for the company. If an Uber driver is poorly trained on the rules of the road or is an inexperienced driver, Uber should be held responsible for the negligent actions of its driver.

One of the most common reasons for Uber accidents involves the driver being distracted while using the Uber app or map navigation on their phone. Drivers are supposed to do all their app usage when they are safely stopped but in reality, most Uber drivers are using the app while they are driving, taking their eyes off the road and increasing the risk of an accident. 

Hit by a Lyft or Uber Driver as a Pedestrian or Cyclist

Many tourists end up getting injured while walking or cycling through the cities. Much of the Denver area is great for cycling, with sunny days and relatively flat trails. However, at intersections in Denver, Boulder, or other tourist sites in Colorado, drivers who are not paying attention may fail to yield to pedestrians or cyclists, putting them at risk of serious injury. 

Lyft or Uber drivers can be just as careless when it comes to pedestrians or cyclists, often distracted while using the navigation app. When a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by an Uber or Lyft driver, they have to deal with the added complications of going through the rideshare company to file their claim. 

Talk to a Denver accident lawyer if you are involved in an accident with an Uber driver or hit by a Lyft driver. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to deal with the insurance company and the rideshare company so you can focus on your recovery. If you are a tourist who was visiting Colorado when injured in the accident, your Denver accident attorney can handle the case locally for you and will keep you informed and up-to-date on your compensation claim. 

Contacting a Denver Accident Injury Lawyer for Help

The insurance company may not make a fair settlement offer that will cover all your losses. If the insurance company and rideshare company won't pay up, your lawyer can take your case to court. Compensation after an accident may include damages for: 

  • Medical expenses,
  • Lost wages, 
  • Loss of earning potential,
  • Loss of consortium, and
  • Pain and suffering.

There is a limited time to file a personal injury claim after an accident in Colorado. The statute of limitations for most car accidents in Colorado is three years. This means the injury victim generally has three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Filing too late can mean your claim is denied and you recover nothing. 

The time limit may be longer or shorter, depending on the parties involved and the victim's age. Talk to your auto accident injury lawyers as soon as possible after an accident with a Lyft or Uber driver to make sure your claim is filed in time. 

The attorneys at have successfully represented their clients and families in the Denver area who were involved in a ridesharing accident get compensation for their losses. Our attorneys understand how the insurance companies and rideshare companies operate and will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.