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Broomfield Uber and Lyft Accidents

Broomfield is located between Boulder and Denver and is another fast-growing Colorado community. Broomfield has almost doubled in size over the past 20 years, to an estimate of more than 70,000 residents in 2020. As the city and county continue to grow, the area will go through changes involving how residents, workers, and visitors travel in and around the Denver metro area. 

Most residents of Broomfield have to rely on their cars to get around. There are limited public transportation options. When people need to get around without a car, they may end up relying on ride-hailing apps like Lyft or Uber. Rideshares may also be convenient for when people want a driving alternative, to save on parking, or avoid a possible DUI. Even though Lyft and Uber are convenient, they may still put passengers, drivers, and pedestrians at risk of an injury accident.

Lyft and Uber Accidents in Broomfield

Most car accidents are caused by careless driving. This includes drivers not paying attention to the road, speeding to try and make a light, or not driving defensively. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, in 2018, there were 1,545 total accidents in Broomfield County. Some of the most common contributing factors for car accidents include: 

  • Distracted driving
  • Driver inexperience
  • Aggressive driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Drivers who are not familiar with the area

When getting into a Lyft or Uber, passengers do not think much about the risk of an accident. Some passengers believe that rideshare drivers have to go through training or strict background checks. However, the process for getting approved to drive passengers around in a Lyft and Uber is surprisingly easy, without any specialized training and with only minimal driver experience requirements. 

There are some risks of riding in an Uber or Lyft that may be an inherent risk of rideshare accidents. Rideshare drivers may be more likely to be driving while distracted because they are required to use the app before picking up a ride, after picking up a passenger, and at the end of the ride. Any distractions take the driver's attention off the road and increase the risk of an accident. 

Rideshare drivers are also likely to be driving as a way to supplement another job, often driving at night, after work, or on weekends. This may mean these drivers are going on less than a full night's sleep. Rideshare drivers may also be more likely to speed or violate other traffic laws in order to make Uber or Lyft bonuses for completing a number of rides in a limited time. 

After an Injury Uber or Lyft Accident

The first step after a car accident is to get medical help for anyone who is injured. For an accident in Broomfield, there are a number of emergency departments available in the area which are open 24 hours a day, including: 

Reporting a Rideshare Accident in Broomfield

The process of reporting an accident can be confusing. If the Broomfield Police Department responded to the accident, an accident report is generally taken and submitted to the State of Colorado. The officer should also provide the driver with a reference number to report the accident to their insurance company. 

The police will generally respond to serious accidents or traffic collisions where: 

  • Vehicles are disabled because of damage;
  • Accident involves a fatality or an injury requiring medical attention;
  • Alcohol or drugs are involved;
  • Accident is an alleged hit and run;
  • There is damage to damage to public property; or
  • Any property damage accident in which the reporting party has no contact with the driver.

If the police did not respond to your accident, you are still required to report the accident to the state. Drivers can report the accident by going to the police department or completing the State of Colorado Traffic Accident Report. The report can also be reported online

After reporting the accident, a driver is generally required to report the accident to their insurance company. Reporting the accident to the insurance company begins the claims process. 

If the accident involved a rideshare driver on the way to pick up a passenger or during a fare, the driver may have to report the accident to Lyft or Uber. Lyft and Uber drivers have special insurance coverage, with changing coverage limits depending on the vehicle's status at the time of the accident. 

If you were injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle, as the driver, passenger, cyclist, or bystander, you should consider calling an experienced rideshare accident attorney. The insurance company and rideshare representatives may try and get away with paying out as little as possible. If you were injured, make sure you have someone on your side to make sure you get the full amount you deserve. 

Uber and Lyft Rides in Broomfield

If residents want to go out and have some drinks at night, they may need a safe way to get home. Rideshares provide a safer option and allow people to have a few glasses of wine, crafter beers, or cocktails without worrying about a DUI. 

Limited Public Transit Options

Local bus routes are limited in Broomfield. The Flatiron Flyer connects riders to Boulder and Union Station in Denver via the US 36 & Broomfield station. However, first-and-last-mile connections to the station may still require getting a ride, driving, cycling, or calling for a Lyft or Uber. 

Denver International Airport

Flying in or out of Denver International Airport (DIA) usually requires driving. However, calling for a Lyft or Uber ride is an alternative to getting a ride to the airport early in the morning, and avoiding the cost of parking for a longer trip. 

Cyclists Injured in Broomfield Rideshare Accident

Broomfield has a number of bike trails and multi-use trails that give residents and visitors access to the outdoors and surrounding areas. However, riding a bike in Broomfield often means sharing the road with cars until riders can connect up with protected bike lanes. Unfortunately, drivers are not always respectful when sharing the road, which can put cyclists at risk of an injury.

Some of the common cyclist accidents involving rideshare vehicles include distracted driving and dooring injuries. Uber or Lyft drivers may pull over to the side of the road with a passenger opening the door directly in front of a cyclist. Other rideshare drivers may block the bike lane, causing the cyclists to go out into traffic to avoid an accident. 

Injured After a Lyft or Uber Ride in Broomfield

If you were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident in Broomfield, contact Our experienced Colorado rideshare accident attorneys will fight to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Do not accept a settlement offer before understanding your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation.