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Accidents as a Lyft Driver

If you were driving a Lyft vehicle and were injured in the process because of another person's negligence, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries you suffered. Just because you were driving to make money does not change the fact that someone else is the cause of your injuries and you should be able to get financial compensation for the harm you endured.

If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed in an accident while working as a Lyft driver in Denver or the greater Denver metropolitan area, an experienced personal injury attorney at can fight for your rights.

Lyft Driver Car Accident Lawyers in Denver, Colorado

Lyft drivers have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against any person who was responsible for the accident. As the driver, you deserve to have your rights protected. You should not have to bear the cost of your injuries when you were not at fault.

No matter how small or how big your case may be, the team will keep you informed every step of the way throughout the process and they will handle every detail seamlessly to put you on the road to recovery. Our team at pride themselves on clear, honest, and open communication with each and every one of their clients.

Our attorneys at take cases on a contingency basis, which means that you pay nothing until your case has reached a favorable resolution. Let us put our years of experience to work for you and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions By Lyft Drivers

Drivers of Lyft vehicles often have several questions about what they should and what their rights are following an accident. These questions include but are not limited to the following.

  • What do I do after a Lyft accident?
  • How do I report my accident?
  • Who do I name in my personal injury lawsuit?
  • Is Lyft responsible for my injuries?
  • What training will I receive, if any?

These frequently asked questions and more can help you understand your rights, and what the next steps are for you following an accident while driving a Lyft vehicle.

Lyft Driver Insurance

Lyft carries liability insurance for its drivers while they are on duty, as well as for any passengers who are injured during the accident. When you are covered by Lyft's insurance, and for how much, it depends on your status at the time of the accident.

If you were not logged into the Lyft app, and are off duty, Lyft's insurance does not cover you. You will have to rely on your own insurance or the insurance of the person that caused the accident.

If you were logged into the app, and waiting on a fare, but had not yet accepted one, you will be covered in the following amounts:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury per person;
  • $100,000 for bodily injury per accident (for all persons injured);
  • $25,000 for property damage per accident.

If instead, you had a passenger or were on the way to get a passenger, Lyft's primary insurance applies in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) per accident. What this means is that Lyft's insurance policy will cover up to $1,000,000 in total damages for the entire accident.

This includes property damage, injuries to you, injuries to the driver, and injuries to others.

How to Report a Lyft Accident

As a driver for Lyft, you are expected to report any accidents you are involved in, and you should do so to protect your own interests. After an accident, you should immediately call 911 if there are any injuries if you are able to do so. If no one is injured in the crash, you can forego calling 911, and contact the appropriate law enforcement authority instead (i.e., local police, sheriff's office, or highway patrol).

Creating a police report is incredibly important for multiple reasons. One, it creates evidence of what happened that can be used later at trial. It also helps the officers understand your view on what happened so you can make sure the responsible party is the one who gets the blame.

Lyft also requires its drivers to report any accidents on Lyft's website. Not only will this make sure you are in compliance with the requirements of the company you work for, but it will help create a claim to make sure that you are covered by Lyft's insurance if you were on duty at the time of the accident.

What if I Was Off Duty at the Time of the Accident?

If you work for Lyft but were not on duty when your accident occurred, you do not need to report your accident to Lyft for insurance purposes (although you may want to let them know if your car is inoperable and you can't work).

When another person is responsible for the accident, however, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit against that person with the help of an experienced attorney. This will help you get the financial compensation you deserve and prevent you from having to pay the costs of your injuries when none of this was your fault.

Consult an Experienced Denver Lyft Accident Lawyer

If you drive for Lyft, there are dangers on the road that are simply part of your job. This does not mean, however, that you should be responsible for the costs of an accident that was not your fault. Whether your claim is with Lyft as a company, or solely against the driver responsible for the accident, our team is here and ready to fight for your rights. You do not have to face this difficult time alone.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Lyft accident in the greater Denver metropolitan area, please do not hesitate to contact today at 303-642-8888 for a free consultation. We are here waiting for you.